page id: 25 HAWHAW in a nutshell
HAWHAW stands for HTML and WML hybrid adapted web server.

It is an open-source toolkit to create universal mobile applications.

HAWHAW-based applications are voice-enabled per default. As Tiki uses HAWHAW, all wiki pages can be browsed by all browsers which are supported by HAWHAW, as there are web browsers, WAP browsers, PDA browsers, voice browsers and many other browsers more.

At the HAWHAW homepage you can find all kind of information about HAWHAW, including a demo, a tutorial and Frequently asked Questions. The HAWHAW homepage is located at
http://www.hawhaw.de/(external link)


To have any page read to you, call +1 407 386 2489 and then press 2 and then the page id. Login and you can then edit the page and call back to hear the new content!